Of Royal Nannies (Antonella Fresolone) and Confessions

Sorry, I have been away for a few days, late on news. First off I have to say I like how lively this site is becoming, perhaps a forum should be installed?

Well didn’t I tell you all? I knew they were going to have a royal nanny ,no surprise there. I knew they brought their nanny to ma middleton’s house and I was right on who it would be, Antonella Fresolone. I kind of feel sorry for her in way poor girl has  to do the work of quite a few people, but then again she did apply for the job. They call  her a housekeeper, but she’s in fact much more then that.  One of her many job titles includes being a royal nanny. The press can try and paint it another way, but we all know she does more then help, she takes care of Prince George for kate and Bill. I dont understand why her job is being downplayed as a Royal nanny, is it to make kate and bill look good? If so I think it backfires on them and it shows their lack of appreciation for her. Also, I dont think it’s a coincidence that Antonella Fresolone has worked for the Queen, I think she’s a spy of sorts for Her Majesty, you know to keep an eye on william and  kate.  Honestly, if kate  has a royal nanny then there’s no excuse for her to not start her royal duties again maybe in september or late August. If she has more time off then that then she’s simply taking advantage of Prince George’s Birth

I see a lot of my followers having opinions about kate, which is marvelous. I would like some of you to post your/opinion confession about kate in your comments that will be made into a photo edit of sorts on tumblr if you want, you dont have to participate.  it will all be submitted  anonymously, for example a poster might say this in a comment:

confession: “Kate’s parenting style: To have royal nannies around that will take care of the Prince of Cambridge.”

Then I’d make a photo edit as shown below, I hope some of you participate. You can  submit a confession here just label it as confession or just put your confession in the comments of this post don’t forget to label it confessions.


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15 comments on “Of Royal Nannies (Antonella Fresolone) and Confessions

  1. Iam not shocked she has the Nanny/Housekeeper at her parent’s house…lazy woman. Gosh is she verrrry lazy, and so is her family. Can’t Carol and William watch the baby when Duchess Lazy is resting. Behind that the Huge, constant, grin is a very ….spoiled woman who only goal is to stay as thin as possible. I don’t understand why she is put on a pedestal, she is not down to earth…

    • “Pretty” people are often put on a pedestal, that’s kind of superficial way of thinking in today’s society.

  2. I don’t think it’s to make them look good that they say she isn’t a nanny – they always said they wouldn’t have a nanny as they are normal just like us and of course they are going to be totally hands-on parents – ha ha

  3. Yes to a forum !

    • I’m a fan of the set up as it is, but maybe a forum would be nice.

      The confession bit seems a lot like #pippatips. Just with pictures.

      Of course Kate was going to have a nanny. Most royalty does. So, yes Kate has no excuse to get back to work, but she didn’t have an excuse before either.

      This nanny will report back to someone for sure. This will add to the data being collected in the event of a divorce. Data on how Kate cares for George and what goes on within the Middleton walls.

  4. I would love to see a forum. I tried to sign up for one and the admins never took care of upgrading my account, so I never could post. Do post a link if you decide to put one up.

    And something I would like to add- In the beginning I had a high opinion of Kate. She seemed to be a good woman, down-to-earth and family oriented. But lately my opinion has changed. Since her son’s birth I have done some digging and learned a great deal more about herself, her phony-baloney family and her lazy ways. I knew she had an education but I cannot believe she has done nothing with it. No wonder- she was waiting all those years to land Will, knowing she truly would never have to work again.

    I have never, ever heard of any extended family grabbing for so many royal perks as the Middletons have. Kate’s mother seems to be as fake as they come. They have seriously cashed in, are STILL cashing in, and they have no business doing so.

    I am a great admirer of Diana for many reasons. The biggest one? I suffer from similar mental issues. I used to admire Kate for taking such a big step and marrying into a family that must be both a curse and a blessing to be a part of. But NOW I know why they allowed Kate and Will to marry, in spite of that fact that the royal family seems to dislike her- it’s because they know she is nothing like Diana. Kate is boring, has no life or likes or hobbies or personality. She is the wife of a Prince and nothing more. She will never leave the cushy nest she has made for herself, and will never open her mouth about anything pertaining to the royal family. And this is just what they want.

    Anywho, sorry about my soap box. I have read every entry in this blog (I must have no life, hehehe) and I have enjoyed every moment of it. Some of the posts and comments are hilarious! I am glad to see that not everybody is taken with the Duchess of Cantdoanythingonherown.

    Thanks for reading this, and I am sorry it’s so long.

    PS- I KNEW a nanny would show up sooner or later. In a house with at least four people, counting Kate, all of whom have money and lots of free time, they couldn’t find a way to take care of a newborn without help? Figures.

    • Wow. Your paragraph starting “I am a great admirer of Diana for many reasons”….PREACH GIRL!!! I’m so sorry you suffer from mental issues similar to those that Diana had. I’m glad that she was so open about her problems, instead of *trying* to hide them like Kate. What you said about the royal family’s opinion of Kate–in my opinion you absolutely nailed it. It makes so much sense that after Diana they would want someone “submissive.” Thanks for your post Sultry Clue and thank you, duchesschicana, for all the information you provide us and a means to discuss it.

      • Kate fits the Submissive part down to the tee, that whys I always call her a StepFord Wife.

      • *hug* Thanks Amy. Mental issues are most difficult because of the stigma attached. I know we’ve all heard Diana called a “nutcase” and other such names over the years, but she was still a human being. She took her fame and did so many positive things with it.

        Show me a picture of Kate walking through a minefield or comforting a dying child with a hug (not just “talking” for the press) and I’ll shut up. :)

        Thank you for the warm welcome!

    • @Sultry Clue; Thanks for reading the entire blog much appreciated, considering my writing isn’t the best in the world, you must really like my opinions. well also she signed a contract with the royal family where she isnt allowed to write/talk about them, she has no choice, but to stay silent in that regard. Feel free to vent more about kate. I also agree what you said about her. kate was a safe investment in the royal family that and she was the only one up for the role. A lot of PW girlfriends rejected him, kate was always the last choice. Feel free to look at my tumblr if you havent already there’s lot of funny/truthful photo edits I found around tumblr about kate:


      • Woot thanks for setting up the forum!

        No worries about how you write, Duchess. I’ve enjoyed your blog and opinions.

        I read some about the girls Will dated over the years and you hit the nail on the head. Every one of them had lives that didn’t mesh with his at all, and they knew it. They had their fun with him, they got their names in the papers and they quit while they were ahead.

  5. She may be there as a part time nanny, but she’s also the woman who taught Kate to cook Italian. So Carole got a cook and cleaner out of the deal too.

  6. “The public’s next glimpse of baby George will be in the next week, when intimate pictures of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge relaxing with their first child are released

    A spokesman said William had always agreed to have the pictures taken within the first two weeks after the birth, to coincide with his paternity leave from RAF Valley in Anglesey.

    It has not yet been decided where the pictures will be taken, however the photographer could be asked to travel to the Middletons’s £4.7million Georgian home in Bucklebury, rather than make the new family drive back to Kensington Palace.”
    — Mirror Online (via minimiddleton)
    Pictures in the Midd home not a royal home, yep they could not be more obvious!

  7. There’s a very interesting article in the New York Times about Pippa. I can’t help but wonder why the public hasn’t turned on Kate as well? I guess only time will tell. Thanks for your posts, duchesschicana. I enjoy every one!


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