Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas

Random article/pondering about Harry and Cressida, I for one don’t believe Harry and Cressida are dating. They look like old friends to me, when they are seen together. (Like at the James blunt concert.)Cressida even said once she isn’t with him or Harry wasn’t her type something to that effect. I think it’s the press making up stories to sell their magazines etc .and lets not forget the press has been wrong many times before about royals and their personal lives.

Harry’s too busy with royal duties/serving in the military to even have a relationship. He’s barely in Britain sometimes. That doesn’t serve good for a relationship. Even, if they are dating/ had a relationship. Cressida is too much of a free spirit to be content with royal life. She’s a singer/actress/dancer and she wants to pursue her career ambitions, if she marries him she wont be able to chase her dreams. She’s worked too hard for her dreams just to suddenly stop it all and marry a royal. As far as I know recently she’s had a few acting gigs and it looks like she won’t stop pursuing her ambitions anytime soon.

Lastly on Harry’s visit to Dubi. A reporter asks him if he has proposed or is dating  Cressida (hard to kind of tell what the reporter says.) and he just laughs and shakes his head no no really quick, as if to say, you’re joking right? I missed him shake his head no  the first time I saw the video. (view video at 1:24) I could be wrong for all I know they could be dating, (Don’t really have anything against Cressida if they are.) It just doesn’t seem that way to me.


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22 comments on “Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas

  1. I think the same. Plus, the royals don’t need another party girl.

  2. CRESSIDA IS BEING BASHED COZ KATE WHO IS A FUTURE QUEEN CONSORT HAS REFUSED TO WORK AND ONLY DO GALAS. So how is cressida a party girl!! They are young they need to go out, to festivals, skiing etc, they are not 50, and she is a girlfriend still!! I HAVENT SEEN ANY OF CRESSIDA CROTCH SHOTS, OR SEEN HER TUMBLING FROM BARS WHEN DRUNK, NOR SEEN HER MOTHER TRYING TO SOCIA CLIMB CRESSIDA, …………. Stop bashing cressida coz of waity mistakes!!!

    • Susan, you can’t come here and constantly bash Kate and then bitch about people who have a different opinion of Cressida. Come on.

    • Sue
      I said it before, but it couldn’t hurt to repeat myself here.
      If you had half the personal vendetta against Cressida as you do for Kate you would see enough pics and read enough evidence of Cressida being a party girl to make the same argument. Your comment shows a lack of awareness and research that let a personal bias take over as if it is fact.
      Please take note how my caps lock is not abused so my sentences don’t sound loud:)

      And I like Cressida if my other option is Kate, but I will admit her faults.

  3. great post – agree thoroughly. The whole thing looks manufactured by the tabloids. At most – they are friends. The Las Vegas indiscretion by Harry occurred while he supposedly was so in love with Cressie – I rather doubt a man so in love would spend his pre deployment to ‘Stan carousing in Las Vegas – he would want to spend his time with his girlfriend – at the very least – he wouldn’t be allowing naked pics of himself to be taken that could seriously upset the relationship.

    Harry has been given a bad rep – his youthful mistakes have resulted in permanent branding as a wild one – but the Las Vegas event notwithstanding – if you look at his schedule and what he does – he is quite an effective and hard working rep for the RF.
    I think he has a lot more sense than he is given credit for.

    So yes – the last thing needed is a party girl.

  4. I have a money bet going that says they are dating and why she isn’t a paarty girl in the negative sense. Here’s why I think this…
    1. Harry is very good at deflecting those relationship questions. He’s been doing it in a charming manner for years and years.
    2. Harry is very dedicated to his military work, charity work, and keeping his private life private. If we ever do hear anything about his private time (Vegas) it is quickly deflected and forgotten.
    3. Cressida comes from a good family that knows a thing or two about discretion. The family isn’t looking to hitch its’ wagon to a prince so we hear almost nothing from them about a relationship. Think back to how much the Middleton’s leaked to the press during the dating years. The level of discretion shown is what Harry surely wants.
    4. This Harry/Cressida story is a slow burn story. Those tend to be built on truth.
    5. Cressida parties, but not within excess it seems. No drunken stumbles or up skirt shots. Instead she has a degree from Leeds and has made it into some very fine dance schools and groups. Dance requires a high level of dedication and discipline. You’ve can’t drink every weekend and expect your body to bounce back. You’re an athlete in a very competitive field.

    With that said I buy Cressida is willing to take things slow with Harry, but they are together. With how the tabloids are trying to dig up dirt on her says a lot. Mostly to me it says the Middletons are doing damage runs because there is a threat there.

    If nothing else.. The girl has a proven work ethic and sense of social responsibility.

    • Florc, sorry to disagree but I have seen nothing that makes me think Cressida has a proven work ethic and a sense of social responsibility. She loves dance and pursued it. And going to charity galas doesn’t yell social responsibility either.

      Am I missing something?

      • Bluhare
        My 2 major points are… Leeds is not n easy school to get in to. Yes you can buy your way into anywhere, but her family isn’t that rich and she did do quite well with grades.

        My 2nd point is dance takes extreme discipline. Especially to have accomplished what she has for the length of time she has.
        I was on my college xc team and the endurance training along with nutrition and dragging your sore body out each day for something you love, but didn’t really like that day. You need a strong work ethic to get that far. If she merely liked dancing and enjoyed it it’s likely she would have slacked and would not have pursued a degree in it.

        Somewhere in there i’m also comparing dance with running. Both are fun in the long run, but have stretches of times where you hate having to get out of bed early to exercise and eat only paste, chicken, and salads. It sucks.

      • Point taken re Leeds. I have two cousins going there now!

        The rest? Not so much. She’s disciplined with dance, OK. Other than that, she’s only been photographed with Harry, on vacation, at parties, or lunching with someone. A lot like Kate.

    • Florc-I completely agree with you, especially on number 5. Do you know if she’s graduated from Leeds yet? Also, do you think the RF is putting pressure on Harry to marry? He is only thirty and I bet the RF hesitates to express concern given past situations. Perhaps if he is feeling pressure it is more internal.

  5. What upsets me is the way cressida is put on a pedestal e.g “we want a hardworking person coz baldy and waity do not want to work” ……really!!!!!!!!, put the blame on those two , its got nothing to do with cressida, give her break!!! Everybody gave waity 10 yrs to prove herself and she didnt, STOP REMOVING YOUR FRUSTATION ON CRESSIDA!!

    • So, you’re sue now? And it’s got everything to do with Cressida. Like it or not, she follows Kate and when you follow someone with a bad rap you have to do more to counteract it. It’s the way life works.

    • Sue
      People gave Kate far less than 10 years before judging her. It was just 10 years from start to marriage. You”re rewriting history to suit your opinion.

      Stop putting your frustrations on Kate. They should be addressed within your own life.

  6. What is it with u people and cressida i dont understand!!! They have dated only for 18 Months and everybody is all over her,…. “she is another kate”… How do u know that, kate is a lazy manipulative, spoiled person, who only looks good with clothes on!!! ,,,,,,,,,,, u are the reason cressida is afraid to go out, judgong her@ like u know her , shame on all of u. TEAM CRESSIDA U R GEORGEOUS!!

  7. Those two brothers have different taste …..WILLIAM LIKES, BORING UNINSPIRING BLAND, WOMAN…. HARRY LIKES,,,,, BLONDE, BEAUTFUL , FREE SPIRITED, ADVENTUROUS WOMAN …………so no comparison at all!!!

  8. If this site is just a troll fest I’m outta here.

    • I myself find the difference of opinions interesting obviously we are not all going to agree and i think it brings some spice to this site with engaging conversations.

  9. I haven’t posted in a Awhile, but Duchess Waity is back super Skinny, I know she would diet her butt off to get skinny again ASAP, and she is making sure that we know how skinny in those extra tight jeans…

    I don’t see her as a great example for the average new mother, http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2465723/Duchess-Cambridge-Sporty-Kate-Middleton-plays-volleyball-Olympic-Park.html

    • I want to add..I don’t see her as an Example Weight wise…others may hurt themselves trying to get a full stomach in 2 mths like her

      • Agreed. Hers is the exception and not the rule. It’s sad that women all over the place will want to be like her, lose baby weight super-fast or just be as skinny as she is. Then they will belittle themselves because they find that they cannot whip their bodies into that kind of shape. There is something to be said about just being fine with yourself. You don’t have to pay attention what Hollywood says is “acceptable.” Live by your own standards, not theirs and not Kate’s.

  10. I don’t think that Harry even loves Cressida also!!! I think he’s still very much in love with Chelsy & when I see photos of Harry & Cressida I do not at all see the love!!! I don’t see then holding hands, kidding, hugging,etc nothing of that sort!!! I honestly do not think that this relationship will even last also!!! Harry is a very complicated person & he needs a Real Woman that is Strong, Mature & not constantly partying!!! He needs a woman like his Uncles Wife, Prince Edwards wife; Sophie. A woman like her would be so prefect for Harry!!!

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